Banquet Halls

Our Devon location has in it big and two small halls, click the button to view gallery

Big HallEast Hall(small) West Hall(small)

Our halls compared to other halls are:


  • Clean & Refreshing
  • Beautiful & Glaring
  • Environmentally friendly, Safe & Secured (22,000 sq ft)
  • Fully remodeled


  • The lowest and most affordable hall rental fee
  • Our prices take full consideration of customers' budget
  • With your six (6) hours normal party time, we give free extra hours in order to enjoy more of your program(s)

Service Oriented

Our hall comes with it:
  • Chairs & tables
  • Kitchen
  • Bridal & Coat Room
  • Three (3) parking lots
  • And yes, with a highly professional staff ready to assist on all your concerns and requests.

After your event/party, we take care of all the cleaning.

All you bring with you is your own food & drinks, decoration and other belongings including your own certified security guards.

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